Let’s tick the boxes. I’m a twenty-something Londoner, and I’m pursuing a career in the real world. Uni was, scarily, over five years ago.

For a while now, I’ve had the dawning realisation that art was always going to be a part of the mix. Grandmothers (both), grandfather (paternal), mum, aunt, sister, dad – they’ve all got it too. And even though teenage-me had long decided that I would get a proper degree instead, art has always been there, and is now increasingly insistent.

This blog is a belated record of my return to art classes, with the wonderful guidance of the wonderful people at the London School of Painting and DrawingHeatherley’s School of Art and the Royal Drawing School.

We’ll see where it takes me – thanks for having a look. And if anyone wants to buy or commission one for themselves, get in touch!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there,

    You probably don’t remember me (I’d honestly be surprised if you did) – we shared a drawing class at The London School of Painting and Drawing a couple of years ago. I’ve just started those classes again last night and remembered your name, and was curious to see if you were still pursuing art in any capacity. Though I never said so at the time, you had a great talent that was boiling to the surface. Anyway I don’t want to ramble on, but I just felt compelled to say that the work you’ve uploaded on this blog is marvellous. There’s a delicate confidence that comes across. I absolutely hope you stick with it and don’t get discouraged, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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    1. Hi Lee, thanks so much for your message and your kind words! Great to hear you’ve gone back to the LSPD – this term is actually the first time I’m not signing up. It’s so great and I’ll miss it, but I’m trying out a few other classes and funds can only stretch so far! I hope you’re enjoying being back.
      Your encouragement is much appreciated – I am sticking with it and enjoying the revelation that more time spent doing art = better art! Incredible. As you can probably relate to, progress can feel stop-start at times but it’s really, really nice to hear that other people can see a value in what I draw and paint. Thank you. And right back at you! Keep putting your work on deviantart – I recognise those LSPD models and poses instantly! Great stuff 🙂

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  2. The LSPD models are indeed unmistakable – I spotted them all over your page. I actually really enjoyed scrolling down to your earlier works and seeing those that I drew from slightly different angles – encouragingly recognisable! A change of perspective is always beneficial though, so you’re certainly doing the right thing in exploring alternate classes. I actually got involved with a few ad-hoc drawing groups around the city over the last couple of years and thoroughly recommend it. Drawing has always been a deeply introspective process for me, unconsciously shutting out the world around me, but it was surprisingly rewarding to draw in a more social environment. Right now though, I crave the structure of weekly classes.

    Progress is distracting – you can look so hard for it that you see right through it. Don’t dwell on it, just keep at it!

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  3. haha yes I did the same with yours! Amusingly, the new class I went to this week was using one of the LSPD models anyway – must be a small world. And yes – I enjoy the structure of going to classes, it forces me to dedicate the time and effort. It’s too easy to procrastinate on your own!

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